A New Room

I made it through the first three days! I’ve already made one of my 1st graders cry, been asked frequently when they can go home to see their mommy, celebrated a birthday, and rearranged the seating chart multiple times. I’ve also received sweetly written notes, lots of hugs, and seen a lot of excitement to learn.


The biggest surprise to me was how frustrating bathroom breaks are. We’ve been spending nearly an hour on group bathroom breaks every day. There has to be a better way! Let me know if you have solutions. I am also doing some investigating.

Other than that, things have gone well as I have learned all 20 of my students’  names, gotten into a few Saxon math and Spalding reading lessons, and enjoyed reading and telling stories. It is so refreshing to be back to the age when even Peter Rabbit is exciting.


The school really encourages whole group instructions, but I am trying to get a little time each day at the end of the day to learn more about the students individually. I have been having a few students each day share with me from a little booklet they made about themselves. Those few minutes have been some of my favorite parts so far.


Photos are my own.


One thought on “A New Room

  1. Your classroom is so interesting and inviting!
    Looking forward to hearing more in the weeks to come. =D

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