Good in Good-bye

I have one month left in Mexico, lindo y querido (beautiful and loved). Many people have asked me how I am feeling about the transition back to the U.S. At this point, I would say I am about 60% excited to go home, 40% sad about leaving. However, it fluctuates depending on the day and what is going on around me. As I have mentioned, it is a struggle for me to say “good-byes”. Today I have been thinking about the positives of leaving a place that has become home.

The Material Cleanse

It is so therapeutic for me to go through my stuff and consolidate, get rid of trash, re-gift things I do not really need but are in good shape, etc. Not everyone likes downsizing, but personally I find it really nice to declutter everything and limit my life to 100lbs in two suitcases. It is like pruning back excessive growth so that the plant can focus its energy.

Saved Treats

I now get to use up all the things I had saved for a special occasion. No need to skimp on the canned pumpkin or chocolate chips from the U.S., or the craft supplies that have been stashed. I am prone to saving things just in case there could be a better or more enjoyable time to use them. But now, the less I travel with the better and I can go ahead and enjoy the things that are treats for me.

Quality Time with Friends

In a strange way, it is actually nice having a deadline to make sure you get time in with friends. Sometimes in the monotony of living in the same place, people do not make the extra effort to cultivate a friendship. When someone leaves, it is a reminder of how the friendship is important and it gets some extra love and care. People often take the time to express themselves more clearly and this is extra special for me as a word person. I am thankful for the affirmation and time I have gotten from friends who want to spend extra time with me before I go.

Good-bye parties!

I love any excuse for a party and having all my friends together. I love playing games with friends, chatting together, dancing, and getting to enjoy something special. I also really like hosting and making people feel at home. Though there will probably be tears, I am looking forward to being able to see most of my friends in the same place one more time.

Travel Plans

Though it is hard to leave Guadalajara as my home, I know I have a place to stay when I get the chance to visit again. It is fun thinking about what I could do with friends if I came back for a fun trip. Good-byes are hard, but I hope that I will be able to come back soon.

Photo is my own.


One thought on “Good in Good-bye

  1. […] Throughout the week, I caught up individually with many people, often while eating (another thing I have been looking forward to on this trip). I have missed avocados, frijoles, lonches, Mexican popsicles, and, most of all, tacos! It was great to be able to enjoy authentic food and it was so refreshing to go deeper with friends and hear about their ministries, goals, struggles, and joys. I shared tears more than once and lots of laughs as well. God is taking such good care of them, even when I am away. I knew I could trust him with them when I last said, “Adios” (blog post: Good in Good-bye). […]

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