Working and Waiting

This week has been full of busy preparation. Our school is getting ready for an accreditation team to come next week. Everyone has to watch their backs…because there is fresh paint on all surfaces! We had teacher meetings on Friday and that was really nice to have a full day to work on lesson plans, curriculum, and organizing and cleaning my classroom. I also got excited looking ahead to the next couple of units. We are going to be doing biographies and poems very soon!

We have also been preparing for an art exhibit to raise awareness for human trafficking in Mexico. It has been fun to work with housemate Emma, the visionary, on this project and be able to help her by making felt heart pincushions to display on 7 dresses which will represent six true stories of girls who have been trafficked and one dress to represent hope of healing. I have made a couple trips to the fabric store, which is more complicated than it sounds. You have to have a clerk personally get everything for you and print a ticket for it, even if it is just pins or a spool of thread. On top of that, different clerks are in charge of different areas of the store. After you have all of the tickets you take it to the cash register (I had to search for this word. For some reason, “box” didn’t seem to make as much sense in English) and after you pay for it they’ll give you a receipt which you take to another area to pick up all the things the clerks got for you. However, I think we are finally set. It has been fun to do something crafty with such a good purpose, but I am really hoping for more help this coming week as we are hosting a heart making party because we have also decided to make lots of mini-hearts to sell at the exhibit as something to take away as a reminder. If you think of it, pray that all of the parts of the exhibit will come together in time.

This past week, missionaries who lead my Friday Bible study shared with me how they are teaching their groups to spiritually help others, in other words how to make disciples. This morning I was able to share the idea with my Sunday church leader and he was excited to try it. We are going to talk together a little more about how we can make it work and present it to the rest of the church in a few weeks. More prayers please!

It is exciting to be a part of so many good things, but sometimes nerve wracking because so many things are out of my hands and I have to wait on other people to come through and most importantly, wait on God’s timing. I am thankful that his timing is perfect and that he is filling my days with purposeful work, even while I wait to see what he will do with my efforts.

Photo is my own.


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