A New Year, a New Prayer

After doing some initial, decluttering journaling to reflect on the past year, the most prevalent theme I discovered was the power of prayer.

I am so impressed by how God has answered so much prayer this year. Last year, my landlady was interested in the church and just starting to read her Bible, now, she is actively involved in two Bible studies, is meeting with another believing lady for discipleship, and is praying for and reaching out to her family and our neighbors. Last January, I was just getting to know my church and now I feel at home there and have been blessed with opportunities to serve and minister to them, including at their annual ladies’ retreat. I am praying for continued influence there for my remaining time. Back in June, I prayed for a close friend who would spiritually spur me on. In October, my dear friend Emma moved in and we have enjoyed such conversations and times of prayer, not to mention hosting together and enjoying dancing with our friends.

I also love seeing how God has stretched my understanding of ministry and obeying the Great Commission. I have gotten better about being intentional with my relationships and even though I sometimes find difficult to get to the point (Jesus!), I am also learning about faithful prayer and patience. I am encouraged in this because I am seeing the fruit from other Christians who lived out their faith and then had to move on without seeing the end result. It is such a blessing for me to enjoy this time of seeing the fruit, though I know my future may also hold seasons of planting and watering seemingly without effect. I have personally witnessed how one plants, another waters, but God brings in the harvest. It is all about him anyway, isn’t it?

Looking forward to the year to come, I am excited to see what other opportunities I have for learning and serving. On my break, I was also able to prepare mentally for going home in July and am excited about some possible job and ministry opportunities back in my home town. My prayer for this year: Keep bringing in the harvest! I am ready and expecting an abundance.

Photo is my own of the gorgeous poinsettias (nochebuena) that are flourishing this time of year.


One thought on “A New Year, a New Prayer

  1. May God allow you to see much fruit from your labor.

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