Mazamitla: Colder Weather Calls for Cabins

Remember that trip to the mountains I was supposed to take the same weekend Hurricane Patricia struck the coast not too far from us? Well, this weekend we were able to reschedule! Mazamitla, Jalisco was not what I had expected it to be, but I still had a very fun weekend. I love hiking and following trails, but there was not much opportunity for this in Mazamitla that I could see. There were a lot of guided tours and you could choose if you wanted to go on horseback, on ATVs, or on a touring truck. The adventure companies also offered parks with zip lines, hanging bridges, paintball, and other activities. It was interesting to observe that we were the only obvious foreigners in town that weekend, though it was clearly a tourist town. Most of the tourists were Mexican and this might explain why there were not a lot of hiking opportunities as this does not seem to hold a lot of interest for Mexicans generally speaking. Our group of teachers was kind of low key and we had two children and a person on crutches with us so we opted to take the truck tour and see the views around the area. We had a great tour guide who did one of the most successful jobs I have seen of leading a group in both English and Spanish. There were some pretty views and it felt nice to be out in the woods on a mountainside, but…well, I think Virginia is prettier. Forever biased.


The town, one of the “Pueblos Magicos,” was very cute. It had a lot of typical Mexican architecture, but a lot more timber in their structures than I have seen in most other places in the state of Jalisco. In typical Mexican fashion, all of the main streets are centered around a town square with a gazebo and large church nearby. We had fun ducking into shops, taking pictures, and finding tasty things to eat. During our weekend, we enjoyed candied yams, macaroons, gorditas, chilaquiles, and stuffed churros. I loved the little garden shops and have resolved to get a couple plants for my room here in Guadalajara.


100_9570 - Copy

Our cabin was a little… rustic. There was no hand soap because they claimed people kept throwing it away. The oven did not have a rack and only one burner worked, but Mike did a great job serving up some excellent breakfasts. There were also lots of ants, but we managed to hide most of the food from them successfully. It was nice to be able to have a log fire going in the cabin while we all sat around and talked, read, or rested. We even found room in our stomachs for a few s’mores. It was a great weekend away. It was also sweet because the cold weather, the mountains, and living in a cabin with friends all reminded me of how soon I will be coming home to Virginia for Christmas and New Years. It is going to be great!

100_9567 - Copy


3 thoughts on “Mazamitla: Colder Weather Calls for Cabins

  1. Gerry Christensen

    Nice memories for you. Looking forward to making more when you come home next month =D

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