Life with Emma

Many of you have asked about my new housemate and how that transition has been. It has been such a refreshing blessing! Emma is from England and is the middle school art teacher at Lincoln. She has traveled quite a lot already and surrounds herself with all sorts of beautiful and interesting things. I’m secretly hoping that she won’t have room in her suitcase at the end of the year and I will benefit from just a little bit of it. ūüėČ We have been sharing grocery shopping and cooking responsibilities and that has been a lot of fun to share meals together. Emma also has been asking the landlady if we can make all sorts of little changes around the house, which I was too timid to ask about before. All those little changes have actually excited the landlady and made our space so much more homey and inviting. Here are some demonstrations of how our life looks now.

100_9403 - Copy

Our fruit bowl now looks like a still life painting.

100_9417 - Copy 100_9423

We have a comfy place for working and relaxing together and Emma has lots of space to spread out her artwork (both completed and works in progress).


Our cupboard is full of teacups! Emma has a lovely collection and yes, they are for tea, not coffee. We also are using British tea towels in the kitchen now as they are apparently far superior to anything you can find here of the kind.

100_9438 100_9452

I am also enjoying lots of little touches that Emma puts on everything which make the house so much more conducive to hosting. We have had people over for dinner a few times already and those times have definitely been a blessing. I could not be more thankful.


2 thoughts on “Life with Emma

  1. Is that an “Adventure is Out There” paper cutting? I love it.

  2. Yes! It was done by one of her students and she purchased it. =)

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