A Summer Roadtrip

While I was trying to take full advantage of my five week summer break, I was privileged to visit with two very dear people out of state. I did a lot of driving that week, but it was absolutely worth it. My first stop was in Maryland, visiting one of my roommates from college. Lauren and her husband, Stephen, are living in the coziest little retro camper you have ever seen.  I was able to spend a day and a half with them, cooking with Lauren, going on walks in the neighborhood, and just enjoying catching up. We also got to visit the historic Ellicott City. It was Lauren’s first time seeing it as well so we had a great time exploring the antique (and antique inspired) shops and artsy cafes.

100_9121 100_9105

We took lots of pictures and found a river full of cairns. Cairns are delicately balanced stacks of smooth stones. Lauren has often mentioned how fun she thinks it is to build them and almost every time I can remember that we have been at a creek or river together, she has built at least one. It was such a serendipitous coincidence that the city had hosted a special event the week before when dozens of people came out to the river and set up the cairns.

100_9125 100_9127

Lauren and Stephen were excellent hosts. I was so encouraged by their contentment and thankful attitudes. Though their camper is really cute, it is quite small, probably not the ideal for most newly married couples. However, I never heard a word of complaint, but instead, many instances of thankfulness for air conditioning, the beautiful view, the microwave, the storage space, etc. With their attitude, they have more than they need and can enjoy it all fully. I hope I can emulate their behavior no matter what my living situation is.

100_9098 100_9141

The second stop was to visit my sister! She had been working as a camp counselor this summer in Pennsylvania. It was a new experience to be introduced as “the sister”. Because I am the oldest, I tend to have experiences first and then introduce my siblings to people when they come to visit me. It was kind of fun to have roles reversed and be the visitor for a change and hear all about her experience. I really enjoyed the campus. Forests, cornfields, and log cabins just seem so homey after living in a tropical climate.


It was the only weekend I would be able to see her the whole year, so we also caught up a lot, shared silly stories, set up a hammock in the dark, and read each other children’s books. Bri is one of the people in my life who makes me laugh the most. The laughter was definitely a refresher I needed that weekend. Thank you both for the chance to visit!

Photos are my own.


One thought on “A Summer Roadtrip

  1. It took me a while to get around to it, but thanks for coming up, Chels. This was quite the busy summer for you! I’m glad you spent time with us. And that you had fun in our lil house. 🙂 Love you!

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