It actually happened last week! We had a Friday off for Teacher Appreciation Day and I traveled with my two housemates and another friend from Lincoln. We got up at 4:30 AM to catch a bus at 5:30 AM, which we almost didn’t catch because of a weird logistical problem with our ticket. Fortunately, I had volunteered to stay with the bags while the three of them redeemed the tickets. It was really nice not to have to take on the stress that early in the morning. I’m very thankful for them. We just made it onto the bus as they were calling our names over the intercom. We had a 5 and a half hour ride, but then the whole weekend at Barra de Navidad, a little town with a lovely beach and very little tourism. Here is our hotel which had air conditioning! We might have gotten a little excited about that.


and a look down the street


It was really nice to have no plans, hardly any stuff, and friends to relax with. We stayed at the beach nearly all day Friday, playing in the waves, enjoying the sun (though not the sunburn later), and reading. We had dinner at one of the restaurants with a sunset view. Perks of living on the west coast. =)

Saturday morning, after a breakfast complements of Oxxo, we made a wonderful discovery. You can rent an umbrella and chairs for the whole day for only 80 pesos. That’s about $5 split between the four of us. No more baking in the sun!



The beach was really clean, with hardly any other people there, even for a holiday weekend. I could look across the bay and imagine a ship sailing into harbor like it might have hundreds of years ago. I was also pretty excited about being on the Pacific coast again and getting fish and shrimp tacos!


It was a really lovely time to let go of stress, to read a good book (David Copperfield), look through home decor magazines my mom brought, pray about things weighing on me, and read the Proverbs. It was also nice to be with my coworkers and get to know them better. I also was reminded to be thankful for their patience with me when I get stressed out about something. I need to be continually bringing my cares and stress to the Lord and let Him take them away. And I certainly wouldn’t mind doing that at the beach more often.



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