He is Alive and He is Working!

Spring Break, which is really Easter Break, has been great so far! I have enjoyed cooking some new things, hanging out with my newest housemate, and taking every opportunity to enjoy life here. I even got to go to a natural hot springs spa the other day. I still have almost a full week of break left, but I already know what the best part of my break was. After months of praying and talking with my landlady, and about a month of trying to work it out so that she could come to a Spanish Bible study with me, she finally came on Good Friday! We have been studying Genesis, but because of the holiday, discussed Passover and how this pointed to Jesus. She felt comfortable enough to ask several questions, which all pointed to her curiosity about how our faith is different from the Catholicism in which she was raised. She also stayed for the meal afterwards and everyone was very welcoming. We closed the evening in prayer that the Lord would heal her arm.

We invited her to join us on Sunday for a special Easter celebration breakfast, but her family was upset with her for trying to change their Easter plans so that she could go. However, He is risen, because on Sunday morning, her daughter called and said she was too tired to keep their plans and my landlady came with me anyway. This was a bigger gathering of a couple Bible studies that function as a network so I was not sure if she would get lost in the bigger group. I was sticking close to her until she insisted I go and talk with the “chicas” and that she would be fine. And she was. The believers were so welcoming and she got to meet several people as well as talk with some of the people she had already met at the Friday Bible study. We sang praise songs and also got to watch a little drama about the resurrection.

I was so happy to see how well she fit in and so glad to see her interacting with Mexican believers. I could not have been happier if she had only told how nice everyone was and how welcome she felt; however, she showed me that God is not just drawing her to the community believers offer, but to Himself. She specifically mentioned multiple times she wanted to know God more and learn how to read the Bible and pray and that was why she wanted to come to the Bible study. Be encouraged. He is risen indeed and He is working through the power of His Holy Spirit.

Photo is my own


2 thoughts on “He is Alive and He is Working!

  1. Really good stuff, Chelsea! He is risen, indeed!

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