As the Trees Change…

As the weather begins to change slightly (unfortunately, I only know that the trees are changing in Virginia from Facebook pictures), I find myself missing little things from home. It is not an overwhelming homesickness, but a subtle kind of reminder that I am not at home. I miss American yards with lots of grass and open space for relaxing and playing together outside. I miss having my mom’s dinners ready to eat as a family when I come home from work. I miss having plenty of craft and fabric supplies at my finger tips for making things to decorate my room or give as little encouragements to my friends. And, though I usually prefer spring to fall, I am really missing hiking in the Blue Ridge when the trees are turning and the weather is getting cooler so that you need a jacket. These are some of the little things I miss. The big things; my family, my friends, my church, are thought of more frequently and I wonder what changes will have happened in them by the time I return and how that will affect our relationships.

But the good news is that I have made it half way through to Christmas break! We have two bimesters in the fall, each nine weeks. The first one ended on Friday. Changes in the weather (and a prompt during a Bible study) have also made me think of the changes which have taken place in me. Last week, my housemate casually mentioned that she might be moving to another apartment in order to help out a friend who needed someone else to help pay the rent. I was surprised and a little sad. I will miss sharing the house with her and hanging out with her as we just relax at home. But I am also happy for her that she will be able to help out another friend and possibly get a less expensive living arrangement. This is not how I would have reacted a few years ago! I would have taken it personally, been hurt that a housemate was leaving me for someone else, and been worried about who really loved me and how I could hold onto my friends. I am so thankful for how He has changed me! My identity is less in how well I am loved by people than it used to be. Of course, I know I should have my identity in Christ. I have to put a lot of effort into reminding myself to have this attitude and not become too self-centered, especially when it comes to friendships. However, this little test helped show me that it really was my heart attitude at that moment. It is so good to look back on things of the past to see how far we have come and to remember who helped us make the journey.