On the Street Where I [now] Live

If you take a walk in Las Fuentes….

100_8415  …you will find an incredible combination of tropical jungle and elegant sophistication

100_8407…you might be intimidated by enormous encroaching cacti

100_8418…you can find beauty in the broken

100_8422…you will probably find jogging a little difficult in some areas

100_8425…you might catch yourself humming the Davy Jones theme for some odd reason

100_8427…Tomás Sawyer might have a job for you

100_8430…just…nothing…{contented sigh}

100_8432…the sidewalk might end unexpectedly

100_8433…the abandoned has an air of beauty

100_8434…the whimsical is a little overwhelming at times

100_8410…and home.


8 thoughts on “On the Street Where I [now] Live

  1. Oh my dear Chelsea! Thank you for a look into your world. Great pictures! I will continue praying for you. Thanks for updating. 🙂 I’m really proud of you (for what it’s worth); striking out, following God, and praising Him for the hard and the refreshing.
    You. Rock.
    Love you!
    (y tambien, yo me encanta a sus fotos, Te extran~o and estoy orando para ti. mucho amor, querida! -Carrie)

  2. Carl & Gerry Christensen

    So beautiful! 😊

  3. Well, I am downright jealous… praying for you….

  4. Carl & Gerry Christensen

    We love the way you put this together. Your neighborhood is WONDERFUL 😊

  5. Oh, sure. It’s pretty…but I’ll bet there’s never any interesting trash out on the curb to peruse like there was on the street where you used to live. 😉
    It really is beautiful. You could have a new adventure just about every day by simply turning a different corner.

  6. Chelsea! Thanks for the pictures.=) It reminds me so much of Santa Cruz… the gardens and houses all behind gates and walls, the broken glass on the walls, the painted palm trees (I do see the Tom Sawyer connection!), the uneven sidewalks, the beauty in the broken and abandoned… Yes, it makes me homesick.=) Glad your first week of teaching went well! Keep trusting Him. He will see you through! Con amor, Sharon=)

  7. chanl@cvcc.vccs.edu

    Hola Chelsea: tu vecindario está tan bonito que quisiera estar allá visitándolo también. (Translation: Your neighborhood is so beautiful that I wish I was there visiting it too!) Que Dios te cuide y te guarde en todos tus caminos. (The Lord keep you and protect you in all your ways.) Saludos desde la húmeda ciudad de Lynchburg. (Greetings from Humid Lynchburg. 🙂

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