On the Street Where I Live

It’s funny how a place can be so much a part of you. There are certainly special places that people like to remember; whether it is a camp we enjoyed as a kid, the restaurant where you had your first date, the beach your family likes to vacation at, or maybe even the place where you were standing when you got a very special phone call. There are other places though, which do not have the glamour or uniqueness of a particular memory or special event, but will never be forgotten. The kind of places where we would notice if the smallest detail was changed.

The street where I live is one of these places for me. My house is the first one on the right, so I do not really need to go far down my street for anything, but I love to anyway, either to walk and think or to take a jog. Mine is an older neighborhood, with sidewalks and large, grown trees that give shade as you walk by the houses. Some of the houses have driveways, but a lot of people just park on the street. Most of the houses have a nice little front yard, with mailboxes right up on the porches. I also like to peek into the backyards to see what kind of flowers are being planted or the new deck being built. The sidewalks are a little uneven and there are many different colors of concrete from the different times blocks have been replaced. The street starts out straight and lightly drops off over a hill and ends in a “T” with another road.

We live in a modern world and I cannot say that I know everybody on the street or that I borrow cups of sugar when I am in a pinch. However, the neighbors I do know, and even those I do not know, would probably be surprised how possessively I view their houses and yards. Even though I have never seen some of my neighbors, I see their houses, pets, funny habits, and even their trash piles as a part of my daily life. It is just normal life for me right now, I am sure going to miss it when I leave and it becomes less of my life and more of my memory. What everyday place is so much a part of you that you would notice even if something small changed about it? Image


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