A Waste of Time

            Why does that bother me so much? Nothing aggravates me more than spending time on something with nothing to show for it. Today, I spent almost an hour trying to upload something, which repeatedly failed even when I tried several different ways. Time is so precious. I was trying to spend it wisely, but it betrayed me and now that time is gone. I was frustrated and complained to my mom and then I realized complaining is the worst possible option.

            Complaining leads to regret, further frustration, and more wasted time as you vent about your problems without fixing them. I recall that in Numbers 11, the people of Israel were struck down with fire for complaining against the Lord. Complaining is clearly quite offensive to God. So, I went outside on my porch and painted my nails, purposely “wasting my time” to help me cool off a little bit. When I messed up on my nails, I would wipe it off and start over again, until I was happy with them, even though it took a while.

             I think I am going to try to do that more often, intentionally put myself through something that is bothering me, so that I can approach it with a different and hopefully more thankful attitude. So if I find myself sitting impatiently at red lights, I’m going to try to take the longer way home. If I really wish I could avoid talking to a certain person, I’m going to try to say something briefly the next time I see them instead of going the other way or claiming the “I’m busy” card.

            Lord, please forgive me for being selfish and complaining when you have given me every moment according to your mercy. 


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